Are You Seeking for First-Rate Personal Income Tax in Montreal

What is Personal Income Tax?

A state levies personal income tax on an individual’s earnings. When filing your tax return each year or before April, you are reconciling the amount of taxes you have paid along with credits, additions, and deductions. Personal income tax is usually paid throughout the year based on an individual’s employment status and income.

The IRS offers tax deductions for healthcare expenses, investments, and education expenses. According to IRS, earned income is money received as an employee or as a business owner. The list of taxable earned income includes –

  • Salaries, tips, wages, and other taxable employee compensation
  • Disability retirement benefits received before retirement age
  • Net earnings from self-employment as a business owner, minister, or as a statutory employee

Why Opt for S Kumar Services?

Tax rates vary from state to state, some use flat rate to calculate the tax while others use bracket system that varies the rate according to a person’s earnings. Personal income taxes includes one-third of all tax revenue collected by state. No matter how simple or complex your tax situation is, our professionals are ready to take off the burden from your shoulders. We provide:

  • Expertise – At S Kumar Services, our taxation experts offer research based tax solutions to clients.
  • Support – Our qualified team of tax respond to all your queries, giving you expert opinions and effective solutions. 
  • Customized Solution – We make sure to treat every client with utmost attention and provide them a comprehensive range of personal tax services according to their unique situation.

Remember, you are never alone. Get in touch with us for easy, simple and affordable personal income tax filing services.