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In the field of outsourced accounting, S. Kumar has been a forerunner and influential thinker. An accomplished businessman, he takes great pleasure in facilitating the goals of his fellow businesses. He is aware of the difficulties inherent in establishing, expanding, and ultimately growing a company. S. Kumar has earned the respect of Canadian business owners.

Online accounting and bookkeeping services, together with business financing and consulting, incorporation, taxation, etc., are the mainstays of S. Kumar accounting firm. All businesses, from a sole proprietorship to multinational conglomerates, are welcome to take advantage of our services. Whether you’re a tiny local business or a multinational corporation, our seasoned professionals are here to help with all your accounting needs.

We’ve been in business for more than a decade, and throughout that time we’ve helped a wide range of firms. With our assistance, you can save time & money. Instead of hiring an accountant who is only available during certain hours, you may tap into a pool of resources that is always on the job. The professional accountants we employ bring a wealth of knowledge & experience to the table.

We employ cutting-edge bookkeeping and accounting tools to provide a clear view of your company’s financial standing. Give us a call, let us evaluate your needs and provide you with an affordable quote.

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Every company needs accurate accounting. S. Kumar Accounting services offers affordable, reliable, and bespoke online accounting services to help companies keep track of their money, conduct in-depth analyses of their financial health & records, and keep an eye on their total spending. Our mission is to guarantee your success. Our outsourced accounting services will open up new opportunities for development of the company at every turn.


Our journey began with a goal of becoming the top accounting outsourcing company in Canada. For over a decade, we’ve provided our services to a wide variety of businesses, allowing us to have a thorough grasp of how each sector operates. Our mission is to serve our clients with the utmost honesty & professionalism while providing them with superior financial and professional services. We walk additional mile to see you walk on the stairs of success.

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We Have Successfully helped with thousands of ACCOUNTING & TAXATION Cases IN CANADA

Accounting Services

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Taxation Services

Do You Want To Minimize Your Tax Bill? We Can Help You! As the leading tax preparation company, we have a legacy and a commitment to protect. We don’t merely analyze business data. Our team crea

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Incorporation Services

We Make Business Incorporation In Canada A Hassle Free Process Getting a company off the ground in Canada is much easier now thanks to the visionary approach taken by the federal government. However,

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Insurance Services

Get Best Deals & Support On Business Insurance In Canada Businesses can choose from a wide variety of insurance policies. Insuring your business against the many potential threats it faces can hel

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Investment Services

Do You Need Sound Advice On Business Investment? Talk To Us! You’ve come to the right place if you have a genuine interest in the investment markets. You can become an even more astute investor

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Bookkeeping Services

Invest In Reliable & Affordable Online Bookkeeping Services Bookkeeping is a simple accounting process. A professional bookkeeper gathers & maintains the entire financial data (expenses, expen

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Businesses that want to grow must keep their cash flow constant and smooth. It is only possible if you have robust business accounting services by your side. Accounting is the back bone of a company that wants to grow. Outsourcing our expert accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services will keep your business ahead of time and competition.

Every company needs accurate accounting in order to keep track of their money coming in and going out. Small business owners might benefit from having an accountant but it is not going to help every time. When done properly, accounting can be a huge asset in the efficient management of a company’s finances. It is vital that you choose a professional accounting firm like “S. Kumar Accounting Services” to handle your accounting needs so that you may concentrate on running your business.

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